UBCIC Digital Collections

The UBCIC's Digital Collections offer a variety of research and informational materials.  There are three research collections in addition to a series of collections created with digitized materials from the UBCIC Archives that document the history of the UBCIC and First Nations in British Columbia.  All of the collections can be accessed through the links below.  If you have any comments about the collections, please contact the UBCIC Resource Centre. 

Research Collections


First Nations Digital Document Source (FNDDS) is a collection of electronic documents supporting First Nations land rights research.  The FNDDS is owned collectively by the Claims Research Units across Canada.

Federal and Provincial Collections of Minutes of Decision, Correspondence, and Sketches are materials produced by the Joint Indian Reserve Commission and the Indian Reserve Commission, 1876-1910

Our Homes Are Bleeding is a multimedia collection focused on the cut-off lands in BC including the records of the McKenna McBride Royal Commission, 1913-1916

UBCIC Archives Digital Collections

UBCIC Periodicals:

Unity, UBCIC's first newsletter published 1970-1971

Indian World, newsletter published 1979-1983

newsletter published  1972-1977
Information bulletins published 1978-1996

newsletter published 1977-1980
Various UBCIC newsletters published 1984-2002

UBCIC Images & Posters:


Images from the UBCIC Archives         


Virtual exhibit of posters published by the UBCIC

UBCIC Moving Images:


Footage from the historic Seventh Annual General Assembly where the UBCIC rejected federal funding

View contemporary and selected archival video on UBCIC's YouTube channel

UBCIC Multimedia Collections:


Constitution Express Digital Collection

Indian Child Caravan Digital Collection

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