Implementing Delgamuuk'w

Legal Implications for Aboriginal Title Research
Conference Transcripts

This UBCIC Conference was held March 1 - 3, 1999 in Vancouver, BC.  It was made possible with the support of the Legal Services Society of BC's Native Program Development.

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Panel Presenter
Opening Prayer
Welcoming Remarks
Stewart Phillip
Designing a Delgamuuk'w Reconciliation Process
Don Ryan
Arthur Manuel
Aboriginal Title - Implications of the Delgamuuk'w Decision on Research
Dara Culhane
Arthur Ray
Peter Douglas Elias
Antonia Mills
Peter R. Grant
Rudy Reimer (Cancellation)
Dave Schaepe
Eldon Littlehorn
Lea McNabb
Darwin Hanna
Delgamuuk'w and the Consultation Process(es)
Gordon Sebastian (Cancellation)
Peter Di Gangi
Jeff Rath
Oral Evidence - Legal Implications Post-Delgamuuk'w
Ken Harris
Neil Sterritt
Julie Cruikshank
Cynthia Callison
Managing Information
Gene Joseph
Lyn Ross
Dennis Sheppard
Archival Research
Dianne Newell
Brenda Ireland
Bob Galois (Cancellation)
Effective Land Use and Occupancy Research - A Case Study
Russell Diabo
Terry Tobias
Peter Di Gangi
Protecting & Sharing Information
Ed Logan (Cancellation)
Marty Weinstein
Russell Collier
Donald Bain (DB)
PowerPoint presentation
Land Use & Occupancy Mapping - Best Practices
Dennis Sheppard
Peter Douglas Elias
Marty Weinstein
Privacy, Access & Storage Issue
Gene Joseph
Ken Favrholdt
Marnie Burnham
Closing Remarks
Georges Sioui
Closing Prayer

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